TO THE RESCUE: A Christian Musical

TO THE RESCUE is a brand new Christian musical by David Cain and Scott Cain. This 100-minute full length Broadway style show is ideal for churches, theater companies, and Christian schools and colleges. It's appropriate for adults and older children alike. The show contains an intriguing story, interesting characters, and wonderful original songs. The writers were very careful to create a show that maintained Biblical and theological integrity, while also meeting the high standards of musical theater composition. They involved pastors and theater professionals in the fine tuning of the show. The piece focuses on helping Christians to fully live out their faith by encouraging them to serve the Lord, share the Gospel, live out the forgiveness found in Jesus, use their God-given gifts for His glory, and worship God in everything they do. A clear message of salvation is also presented that's sure to move many to find the new life that's found in Jesus. The song styles include traditional musical theater showtunes, contemporary Christian music, and even a blues number. This musical provides its fair share of witty comedy and fun moments, but also deals with some serious issues facing Christians today. The ending of the show truly demonstrates the impact of a Christian faith on the world today in a real and powerful way.

To The Rescue requires a minimum cast of 12 performers, but can easily be adapted for larger groups. The show has been performed with as many as 48 cast members.  The lead roles consist of six adult characters (2 F, 4 M) and one teenaged character (F). At least five other performers (3 F, 2 M) are needed as well. The 18 original songs are easy to learn, and are arranged for piano accompaniment for performance, but can be adapted for more instruments without much difficulty.  Guitar chords are provided. The set requirements allow for many options, from very simple to expansive and intricate, and only a few easy-to-find props are needed.

Theater critics have described the show as "a Godspell for the 21st Century" and "an ideal theater piece for Chritsian groups wanting something fresh and new that presents their faith in a clear and moving way."